Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little About Me

Hi everyone,

As you have noticed I’ve just started blogging.  I’m really enjoying it.  I thought after a few blogs I would take some time to tell you a little about me.  I first opened my blog for a scholarship.  I needed to blog about a specific topic in order to qualify for the scholarship.  Then I was introduced to Pinterest by a friend.  I fell in love with it.  I think it’s all I do.  I waste spend so much time on there finding things that I want to try. 

It started with quotes, moved to recipes, and then to gift ideas.  I found all kinds of cheap, fun, cute gift ideas.  I have used many of them.  After loving that so much I started with some of the crafts.  My first thing was homemade fabric softener.  You can find the recipe I use here.  I felt like I had accomplished something when it saved us so much money and it smells wonderful.  Then I started finding all kinds of things that I wanted to try.  I started thinking that I wanted to talk about it.  My husband sure doesn’t want to hear about it…lol.  He’s getting bored of me showing him my ideas and things I have tried out. 

I’m 23 years old.  I’ve been married for 5 years.  My husband and I don’t currently have any children, but we do have two cats.  I’m a full-time nanny, so you will still see many children crafts over time.  I also just received my bachelors in applied management.  My plan is to move into a career in Human Research.

I’m really interested in your suggestions and thoughts.  I’ve really just doing this because I enjoy it, but I would love for you to be able to get something out of it.


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