Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blogging Scholarship - President Obama

My favorite presidential candidate is President Barack Obama.  I voted for President Obama the first time and will be more than happy to vote for him again.  As a student, I am very aware of the hardship that student loan debt has caused current graduates.  I believe that hiver education should not be a luxury and should be affordable to everyone and that is what President Obama believes in.

Currently the average student relying on student loans graduate with an average of $25,000 in debt.  My husband and I are both full-time students.  I have been in school for six years and my husband is on his second degree.  We have a lot of student loan debt between the two of us and without President Obama; we may not be able to have the future we went to college for. 

My husband and I personally were led astray by trusted adult on our path to funding our college education.  This caused us to have a lot of personal student loans and my husband to graduate with a degree he didn’t enjoy.  After such a hard lesson in life, my husband and I changed our paths.  We learned a lot more about grants, federal loan, and scholarships. 

My husband comes from a middle-class family and I come from a low-middle-class family.  My parents do not have the finances or the ability to help pay for college or help me with my student loans.  So paying for school is something that has been very hard for my husband and I.  President Obama has my concerns and the concerns of other students like me in mind.  He feels that education should be affordable and not an expensive privilege.  He understands that Stafford Loans help fill the gaps after scholarships and grants.  President Obama’s student loan reform means that I will be able to pay off my loans within a shorter amount of time.


Blogging Scholarship

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